Ponto Falls

Following south from Tamworth, we ventured to a little known spot called Ponto Falls Reserve.  What a peaceful spot – and best of all absolutely free!!!!

We did get lost on the way.  Blindly following the gps route hasn’t been working out so well for us lately.  But we’re learning.  It feels like ever day we have a list of lessons as long as our arms.  Put together.  Which is saying something, because we both have really long arms.

We spent a few days here: reading, working, sewing and swatting flies out of our faces.  Finally, I understand the appeal of a cork hat (or hobbly-bob).  Having said that, my new haircut means I have no need for one.  It’s at the perfect length for shaking flies out of my eyes.  The hubby’s hair is almost long enough for this purpose now too!

We pulled up right along the rapids.  There are no waterfalls, or deep pools to swim in.  But the tranquil flowing water was more than enough to keep us happy.

At happy hour, the cows moseyed down for a tipple.  In the dusk light, they appeared somewhat ethereal and were certainly not put off by a couple of caravaners.

We’ve invested in an inverter and in putting it to the test, I got out the sewing machine to make this Martha Stewart number.

The pattern was confusing, to say the least.  Fortunately, many others have come online to vent their solutions when coming up against the same problems I was having!  The raglan sleeves were a bit of a mess.  But, I got there in the end, and am pretty chuffed with the result.  Thanks goes to Go Dansker Mom‘s blog post about this pattern – as it was a real life saver when I was ready to chuck it all in.  With some adjustment to the pattern, I might make something like this again.  It only used about 1.5m of fabric and it’s really cute with a belt.  This was a ‘mid-sleeve dress’ on the pattern.  I’d hate to see how short the ‘short-sleeve blouse’ version would have been!

I am totally in awe of the fact that I can run a sewing machine on solar power.  Whilst it seemed to cost a small goldmine to install, I am over the moon with everything which runs on our system.  I can’t take any credit for that one.  Adrian did a mega amazing job of buying all the parts and arranging the solar installation.  We are totally set up for free camping now and it feels amazing to be this self reliant.

4 thoughts on “Ponto Falls

    • Thanks Allison – It was super helpful. The comments on the Martha page were pretty dispiriting and I’d already printed the pattern – so was head strong about wanting to use it. Hope you keep on with your Martha Moments. I love the concept :)

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